May 18, 2010

Green Lanes

One of the best parts of our ride was utilizing the lovely "Green Lanes' on 2nd street.

Green Lanes à la Cycle Chic Sunday's from Eva Lu on Vimeo.

[p.s. i couldn't figure out the new iMovie .. so sorry for the janky quality of the clip!]

Bicycle advocacy & info site explains the Green Lanes as
"...  to raise motorists' and cyclists' awareness that the right hand lane should be shared by both cars and bicycles...There is not room to install a painted bike lane on 2nd Street, and motorists as well as cyclists are often not aware that the right traffic lane should be shared. This treatment is designed to raise and reinforce that awareness."

Sure enough .. motorists obey the 'Share the Road' rule to a T. It was almost as Moses had parted the sea right infront of our brigade. While car behind us switched over to the left lane. It was by far the more pleasant stretch of road we covered that day.

all smiles in this bike lane!!!

The green lane compliments miss taryn's dress nicely

thumbs up Long Beach!

Our youngest  chic cyclist in training loved the added safety the green lane provided


asao said...

The footage was cool!

hahah, janky...

and the green lanes were soooo fun.
felt almost untouchable


txell said...

i really would luke to participate in a cycle chic sunday...lovely pics!

eva said...

txell - we are working on a page that will help provide information on how to organize a Cycle Chic Sunday in their town! I will be sure to email you when we get it up!

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