May 31, 2010

Santa Monica Chic!

Cycle Chic Sunday + Santa Monica +

Yesterday we took to the streets of Sunny Santa Monica in style.

Cycling-Mama-Extrodinare Cosmo & Miss Heather [of LA Cycle Chic] took us on a gorgeous and leisurely tour through the neighbourhoods of Santa Monica.We "ohh'ed and ahhh'ed" at beautiful houses, window shopped from the safety of the bike lanes [safety meaning the safety of our wallets ;) ] rolled along the bike path of Venice & dined on delicious goodies at Urth Cafè.

We have so many beautiful and exciting pictures to share with you!

Plus , Photo-taking-while-cycling-extraordinare Caryl [of Change your life. Ride a Bike] is sure to have some lovely images to share with us soon!

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