May 19, 2010

smiles continued...

I'm not quite through writing about this whole contagious smiling phenomenon. 
As you will see in the images below - it is in fact impossible to not smile while on our bike rides. 
Maybe it's because everyone gets on so well together - maybe it's because I'm pointing a camera their way - Personally I think it's because we allow ourselves to just 'let go' and enjoy the ride...
Cycle Chic Sundays + May 2 +

Cycle Chic Sundays + May 2 +

me & mer



riding bikes in costa mesa


Tim said...

site looks good!!!
a friendly reminder..
LOST finale is also this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jiří Jaroš said...

Red bike from 4. pic is my favourite. Really delicious.

eva said...

it is a schwinn. a classic american bike!

Jiří Jaroš said...

I see. I want to order some Schwinn Madison frame from USA but it will be difficult.

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