May 17, 2010

styles for miles

Let's start with the obvious - the styles of cycle chic sundays.

Half the fun of getting together for these ride is getting to see all of my friends unique and quirky sense of fashions. From vintage vixen to laid back California chic - they paint the bike lanes with all the colors of the rainbow.

bright blue converse 
The newest member of CCS brough so much chic to the bike lanes
Waiting for the light the change
always the stylish one - asao wore stripes well
a run in the stockings does not phase miss bsao 
It's almost impossible for me to put all the 'style of cycle chic sundays' pictures in one post .. well because then there would only be that one post - and that's no fun! So keep an eye out for more eye-candy through out the day!

[p.s. all photos can be viewed on the lovely and constantly changing Cycle Chic Sunday's group on Flickr]


asao said...

So many ecclectic styles in one group! I'm so proud to get to ride with you all!


Christa said...

You've invited some young girls too - I'm impressed. This looks like so much fun!

eva said...

We want to try to get ladies of all ages to come ride! Hopefully encourage young minds and moms!

saskia said...

I so wish I was there to join you !
Is anyone in Sydney doing this yet ? There's no network of like minds here - it kills me.

eva said...

saskia - I haven't heard of anyone else doing this yet, but that will change! We are working on developing an info / resource page for ladies who want to organize their own Cycle Chic Sunday in their city. if you add our facebook page - you can stay up to date on our progress :)

saskia said...

Thanks Eva - count me in !
I'm spreading the word already and polishing my cycling shoes !
It's a lonely ride with one......
; )

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