June 23, 2010

Cycle Chic Sunday - Sydney!

Alas! Cycle Chic Sunday's made it's first international debut last weekend in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

Led by the lovely and chic Miss Saskia, the group of chic cyclists [and vintage enthusiats] cycled and shopped at various Sydney hot spots. I just posted the pretty pretty pictures - but you can read more about the ride and the places they stopped - shopped - and dined at over at Saskia's blog,  A Spirit of Place.
Miss Allana's pics

Enjoying the sunshine on the eve of the Summer [err Winter?] solstice

The road to Bondi

The Start !

polka dots ... wicker baskets ... flowers ...?! Sydney Chic's know how to do things right!

Miss Allana's pics

I believe that we are all in agreement that this group of gals are stylish beyond belief!
Thanks ladies for spreading the word and for doing it which such flair and finesse!!!!


saskia said...

Oh bless you Miss Eva - such kind words, brought a tear to my eye ;-)
We can't wait to do the next one.... just got to get bikes for all my bike-less girlfriends who want in on the action !
We're very honoured to be part of the Cycle Chic movement x

MandG said...


Anonymous said...

Yes but no helmets in sight!

Keelback (A male cyclist)

saskia said...

there's a purple one hanging from handlebars in the first pic - doesn't that count ?

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