June 1, 2010

taking it personal

I find the most enjoyable perk of riding bikes with friends is the personal interaction

Cycle Chic Sunday + Santa Monica +
bike hugs!!!

[photo courtesy BikebytheSea]
camera-geek-out conversations are much more fun while on bikes.. especially in traffic .. take that cars!!!

Cycle Chic Sunday! Santa Monica
stop light chit chat is much more enjoyable outside in the open air! Try it! I guarantee you'll be all smiles :)


asao said...

aaaww, what a fun and active day!

interesting as well. I believe Venice beach path should have a notice to possibly give amazing sights, lovely people, and contact high...


M and G said...

On our Lovely Sunday Ride I got to learn more about an internet friend who I was just meeting irl. I got to catch up with an old friend on her latest career twists. And I got to hear all about my kids daycare gal's new beau (who sounds dreamy and she so deserves it!) It was fantastic!

Heather W said...

I love the shot of Eva and Caryl chatting and laughing as they breeze by the weekend-at-the-beach traffic jam.

eva said...

M and G - that is what it's all about! I am so happy that you gals had such a fun ride!

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