July 6, 2010

A Cycle Chic 4th of July!


What luck that the 4th would fall on a Sunday this year. Not only did most of us 9-5ers get an extra day off  - it was , by default, one deliciously Californian Cycle Chic Sunday!


Now I know this scene is de riguer in many cities .. but to see such a brilliant and robust display of bikes in my home town is something reserved for 3-day weekends and summer holidays.I must take time to revel in it!


It was neat to see how most of the gals coordinated their outfits with their bikes!
I wish I would have snapped a picture of the purple sequins tricycle - driven by a woman in a purple sequined dress - carrying a big black dog with a purple sequined collar. 



We spent a majority of the day lounging on the grass at our friends BBQ. I think everyone at the party arrived by bike - even the parents.

One of my girlfriends even showed up in a patriotic blue mini dress and lovely matching espadrilles - she just so happened to ride up on the white bike with the colorful stripes and blue rims!

I hope all my fellow Yankees out there had a fun and bike filled fourth!

1 comment:

bike master said...

wow! bike culture- massive and large!

congratulations, if your party was half as fun as it looks, it must have been fantastic.

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