August 4, 2010

Cycle Chic Manefesto

Things to keep in mind


tdoornbos said...

I love Cycle Chic, but I just can't get behind the consumerist mantra that your clothes will cost more than your bicycle. Is spending a crazy amount on designer labels the only way to be fashionable?

eva said...

tdoornbos thanks for the great comment/question. It's a valid point and I hope I can help explain...

Naturally the answer is that it's solely in the eye ... er pocketbook ... of the beholder. We aren't saying empty the piggy bank in the name of Cycle Chic. But consider your purchases and consider the longevity of the style. Its no surprise that a well made classic coat , although it may cost more then it's Forever21 knock-off, will last you a lifetime. This in turn makes you are more conscious consumer [style , environmental , etc] If you buy a shoddy bike and shoddy poorly made clothes you will be constantly replacing them - thus, perpetuating the consumerist mantra so many love to hate.

Side note - I've been to Copenhagen{where Cycle Chic originates} and it is *very* possible for an outfit to cost more then a bike. A bike can be as cheap as $250 while a good pair of boots that will last a few winters can run $200 - $300. Now factor in the rest of the outfit {cheap or not} and you end up with outfit > bike.

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