October 11, 2010

Sacramento is what's happening!

Cycle Chic Sundays - Sacramento!

Phew! How can one keep up with the lovely Lorena and Sacramento Cycle Chic?!
With two super successful Cycle Chic Sundays in one month - the good 'ol USofA may have found our equivalent to the movers and shakers of Sydney Cycle Chic!

Their latest Cycle Chic Sunday ride took them through McKinley Rose Garden , through beautiful tree lined streets and on to Winn Park. Read more about their scenic journey and view all the lovely ride pictures over at Sac Cycle Chic!

The next Cycle Chic Sundays Sacramento! is planned for Oct 17th. Visit the event page on facebook for more details!


sac cycle chic said...


Thanks for your vote of confidence...Both ride were 5 weeks apart. There a lot of fun! Really looking forward to the Oct 17th ride! ;)

Forevermelody said...

Hooray! I can't wait for the ride. I'm saving a very special dress for that day.

saskia said...

ha ha
there can never be too many cycle chic sundays rides !!!
good one sacremento...
cycle chic kisses from sydney x

sac cycle chic said...


Cycle chic kisses back to you! xo I so want to have tea with you guys next weekend. Have a crumpet for me :)

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