May 31, 2010

patchwork bike style

The epitome of casual California bike style

White shirt / Cut off denim shorts / Sunnies & Sneakers [the suspenders make this look uniquely Aubrey]
Cycle Chic Sunday + Santa Monica +

Jack Purcells in White are a must!

Cycle Chic Sunday + Santa Monica +

Bright n' Bold Beach Cruiser + a basket


It doesn't get much more California then this!

Santa Monica Chic!

Cycle Chic Sunday + Santa Monica +

Yesterday we took to the streets of Sunny Santa Monica in style.

Cycling-Mama-Extrodinare Cosmo & Miss Heather [of LA Cycle Chic] took us on a gorgeous and leisurely tour through the neighbourhoods of Santa Monica.We "ohh'ed and ahhh'ed" at beautiful houses, window shopped from the safety of the bike lanes [safety meaning the safety of our wallets ;) ] rolled along the bike path of Venice & dined on delicious goodies at Urth Cafè.

We have so many beautiful and exciting pictures to share with you!

Plus , Photo-taking-while-cycling-extraordinare Caryl [of Change your life. Ride a Bike] is sure to have some lovely images to share with us soon!

May 30, 2010

Today's Ride goes to Santa Monica!

If you haven't already heard .. today's Cycle Chic ride will go through beautiful Santa Monica

We are thrilled to join forces with Miss Cosmo of LA Cycle Chic & Miss Christa of Bike by the Sea

If you are in the area - and are looking for something fun to do meet us on the 3rd street Promenade at 1pm!

Who: Anyone who cycles in normal clothes
What: A Leisurely ride through the streets of Santa Monica, CA with Shopping and Dining. I always like to demonstrate that cyclists are great for business.
When: Sunday the 30th of May, 2010
Where: Meeting at the 3rd Street Promenade at 3rd St and Broadway at the fountain across from Santa Monica Place.

(details courtesy of LA Cycle Chic)

May 29, 2010

State St. Chic

I just returned from a lovely visit to beautiful Santa Barbara. State street is a chic cyclists dream .. loads of boutiques , quaint coffee shops & generous bike lanes. 

This lovely lady is so quintessentially California with her beach cruiser and jeans
Santa Barbara Chic

May 28, 2010


The evening sunlight this time of year is warm and bright - making even the most simple bike ride extra special. The days are only getting longer now - so get out there and enjoy!

newport back bay

May 27, 2010

Cycle Chic Belgium

Coming across the lovely Cycle Chic Belgium site makes me wish I would have spent more time in Antwerp! Little did I know that beyond the lanes of the A1 was a bustling bicycle culture & cycle chic hot spot ...

(all images courtesy of )

They have also written a lovely post about California Bike Culture featuring Christa of BikebytheSea , Lorena of SacCycleChic ,  Miss Cosmo of LACycleChic , & yours truly. They poses a very interesting question about cycle chic in Europe vs. America- take a peek and let them know what you think!

May 26, 2010

A Lacey Touch

It doesn't get much cuter then a lacey tea time flag attached to a vintage wicker basket

Cycle Chic Sundays + LBC +

May 25, 2010

black n white

While sifting through the archives I came across this image. I believe this was the ride where the idea of Cycle Chic Sundays came about. At the time we were still a bit hesitant to don our dresses - oh how things have changed....

cycle chic sunday [OG]

May 24, 2010

Cycle Chic in Copenhagen and Beyond


 We just caught wind of this amazing Cycle Chic documentary by Streetfilms. It is a wonderful representation of the Cycle Chic movement. Read more about the film here.

May 23, 2010


photo by meredith ambruso
This might be the most chic Hi 5 I've ever seen

Fast Shadows


while most of us ride slowly - some of us are quick little devils on two wheels.

May 21, 2010

lady wears the blue

Navy & White
Navy & White
Navy & White

Bright Light

When it comes to taking beautiful and bright photos - miss amara is the lady for the job
We are so lucky to have such a good-eye on board the CCS team! 

Cycle Chic Sunday_May 2nd

Eva's Felt Cafe 3

Cycle Chic Sunday_May 2nd
Cycle Chic Sunday_May 2nd

May 20, 2010


Long Beach Bike Festival

laid back and enjoying the last bit of sunlight on a Sunday in the city 

May 19, 2010

smiles continued...

I'm not quite through writing about this whole contagious smiling phenomenon. 
As you will see in the images below - it is in fact impossible to not smile while on our bike rides. 
Maybe it's because everyone gets on so well together - maybe it's because I'm pointing a camera their way - Personally I think it's because we allow ourselves to just 'let go' and enjoy the ride...
Cycle Chic Sundays + May 2 +

Cycle Chic Sundays + May 2 +

me & mer



riding bikes in costa mesa

We have fun!

It's impossible to have a bad time while riding bikes with friends. Especially when they have no problem taking time to stop and take some silly pictures! 
Cycle Chic Sundays + LBC +

Cycle Chic Sunday's + LBC +
Cycle Chic Sundays + LBC +

May 18, 2010

My Bike Gang!

Cycle Chic Sunday's, originally uploaded by eva // evoluer.

This is my bike gang. 
We are tough. 
We are cute. 
We will take over any bike lane with our skirts and high heels!


Green Lanes

One of the best parts of our ride was utilizing the lovely "Green Lanes' on 2nd street.

Green Lanes à la Cycle Chic Sunday's from Eva Lu on Vimeo.

[p.s. i couldn't figure out the new iMovie .. so sorry for the janky quality of the clip!]

Bicycle advocacy & info site explains the Green Lanes as
"...  to raise motorists' and cyclists' awareness that the right hand lane should be shared by both cars and bicycles...There is not room to install a painted bike lane on 2nd Street, and motorists as well as cyclists are often not aware that the right traffic lane should be shared. This treatment is designed to raise and reinforce that awareness."

Sure enough .. motorists obey the 'Share the Road' rule to a T. It was almost as Moses had parted the sea right infront of our brigade. While car behind us switched over to the left lane. It was by far the more pleasant stretch of road we covered that day.

all smiles in this bike lane!!!

The green lane compliments miss taryn's dress nicely

thumbs up Long Beach!

Our youngest  chic cyclist in training loved the added safety the green lane provided

all the colors

It is always such a pleasure sorting through all of the colorful pictures from our rides.

I can almost always count on miss taryn to wear something bright and cheery - and luckily for me her sunburst Yellow dress was being extra photogenic. The mural on the wall at Frosted on 2nd street looked almost as delicious as the cupcakes we dined on there. The ambiance at Zephyr cafè was warm and inviting. Little Vic's Peace Cruiser was a welcomed addition to our peloton of rusty 'ol vintage bikes. As we made our way back down 2nd street some bike shop guys were a little more then amused with our passing parade. I don't know if they were cat calling or just dropping jaws - but they were all smiles. [gee i wonder why?!]

May 17, 2010

styles for miles

Let's start with the obvious - the styles of cycle chic sundays.

Half the fun of getting together for these ride is getting to see all of my friends unique and quirky sense of fashions. From vintage vixen to laid back California chic - they paint the bike lanes with all the colors of the rainbow.

bright blue converse 
The newest member of CCS brough so much chic to the bike lanes
Waiting for the light the change
always the stylish one - asao wore stripes well
a run in the stockings does not phase miss bsao 
It's almost impossible for me to put all the 'style of cycle chic sundays' pictures in one post .. well because then there would only be that one post - and that's no fun! So keep an eye out for more eye-candy through out the day!

[p.s. all photos can be viewed on the lovely and constantly changing Cycle Chic Sunday's group on Flickr]

May 16, 2010

Cycle Chic Sunday's + LBC +

Today's ride took us through the lovely city of Long Beach, Ca.

Although the weather was sunny [as it usually is this time of year] us gals still had a great time chatting and riding around beautiful LBC.

Now, if my friends didn't have such cute style - the process of posting/sorting pictures would be a lot easier. I find that I want to document every cute shoe / scarf / dress and of course, bike. I'm hoping to find a nice streamline way to get this.

Anyone have any suggestions?

May 15, 2010


Welcome to the official site of Cycle Chic Sunday's. 

Things may look a little bare at the moment , but rest assured , after today this little blog will be so chock-full of cycle chicy goodness you won't even know what to do with your self.

For the time being please take some time to browse our Flickr over there on the left - or - our lovely links over there on the right ----->

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back soon for posts on the chicest ride in town!

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